Welcome to my comprehensive fashion design support services

I am dedicated to helping you turn your design visions into reality by offering tailored solutions to meet your needs. My services cover every aspect of the design process, ensuring you have all the resources and guidance required to create thoughtful and market-appropriate outstanding designs.


Concept & Mood boards, Market & Color Research: 
The design process begins by understanding your target market and desired aesthetic. Based on this information, I provide insightful trend directions, presenting you with current and upcoming fashion and color trends that align with your vision.

Fabric, Trims, Materials: 
I can recommend the most suitable options for your designs. Ensuring you make an informed decision by providing a relevant explanation of each material's properties, textures, and uses.

CAD presentation / Line Sheets: 
Presentation decks are designed to bring your concepts to life visually by creating captivating presentations.


Technical Flats & construction callouts: 
I can help with the technical aspects of your designs, providing detailed technical flats and construction callouts. This ensures that your garment construction is well-planned and executed precisely.

Tech Pack & BOMs Development: 
Comprehensive tech packs and Bills of Materials (BOMs) guide your production process. Ensuring that all necessary details are included, facilitating seamless production.

PLM Systems Data Entry & Management: 
Capable of handling the data entry and management of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, streamlining your design and production workflows.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion:
My commitment to ethics and sustainability drives me to offer valuable insights into sustainable fashion practices and materials. Helping you make responsible choices that align with your values.

Fashion History and Influences:
Understanding the past is crucial for shaping the future. Discussions on historical fashion trends and their influence on contemporary designs will give you a broader perspective and appreciation of design evolution.
You can be confident that your fashion design process will be supported comprehensively with my extensive range of services. My expertise, combined with a focus on your individual needs, ensures that your creative vision flourishes and your designs stand out in the dynamic world of fashion. 

•Concept & Mood boards 
•Wardrobe Styling
•Set Design & location scouting 
•Model & Crew Casting (Photographer, Videographer, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Editor)
If you have a project in mind or a freelance contract question, feel free to contact me by email using the form below or by messaging me directly at priscilla@priscillatorres.design
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